WALHALLA und Lady Jasmin grüßen Dich - Du hast uns also gefunden...

If have fulfilled my dream in Schleswig-Holstein - North-Frisia more precisely. For a long time I've had the idea of creating a world set apart from the dull, grey life of our rat-races. In may this year it will be three years that I am living my dream. Constantly growing and changing, developing further and introducing fresh, new ideas make this project, my life, interesting and in some ways, unique. I live with several slaves - foremost my slave-husband masoseven - that try to satisfy my dominant and sadistic ways, each in their own way. Having the opportunity to explore and enjoy the dark side of our souls secluded and without shame or intervention is a true privilege for which I am grateful.

On my estate I am the unrivaled sovereign, ruling my subordinates as their mental center. I am not the typical domme you will meet in a typical studio. You may ask what makes me so special... Well, I do have the capability to look into your heart. Meeting me is a journey to the very center of your soul. I will create the space to indulge in our dark and painful fantasies, desires and eccentricities. Only together can we experience true joy and fulfillment.

But time and again I have to encounter people exhausted by the shame they feel over their proclivities. To me, there is no perversion and I would certainly not use that term for a fetish related to an object or a scene consensually played with others. We are all individualists, thankfully. And we all know what excess conformity leads to..

I am a bisexual, voyeuristic adherer of polyamory, the latter restricted to my slaves. Slave-sharing is one of the preferred means to induce uncertainty or even better fear. A nice part of the puzzle of power that gives me profound pleasure. People keep asking me about my personal proclivities. Well, for me it is not important specific things that I do to my victims - I am not a handyman... but rather I want to play you like a Stradivari, rewarded by unique sounds and melodies.

It all boils down to the reactions I want to produce. The sights, sounds, the screams and moans... all that makes my power visible and very perceptible. THAT is my fulfillment. The joy of total submission, helplessness and the bliss that comes with time. The power to use a human being as I please while leading him responsibly. It gives me great satisfaction to see my partner surrender as resistance proved useless. Now his fate lies in my hands.

On the following pages you will find material on the various possibilities that I offer. There's information and photos on a wide range of projects. Have fun digging around!